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Bigfork, Montana Area Chamber of Commerce

I Love Bigfork for Weddings

“I’ve always wanted to be married on a lake in Montana” said the young bride-to-be when she called the visitor center for information.  Had she ever been to Montana? No. But it was her dream to be married under Montana’s Big Sky.  So she became one of a growing number of brides who chose Bigfork for her wedding.

Some brides choose Bigfork for their wedding because they fondly remember family vacations on Flathead Lake. Many have friends and relatives in the area.  Others regularly visit Bigfork and want their family and friends to join them on their special day. Whatever the reason, whatever the season, Bigfork has become a wedding destination.

Margie Solberg of the BruMar Estate has seen a steady increase in the number of weddings in Bigfork.  Her first piece of advice is simple – “Book early”.  If a bride plans on a summer wedding, she might have to book at least a year ahead. Weekends are usually reserved first, but many venues will provide a lower rate if you choose a weekday wedding.

And if family and friends are coming to Bigfork for the happy occasion, it’s best to issue those invitations early enough so guests can arrange for transportation and lodging.  For many, this is the first time they will experience Bigfork so they will take some extra vacation days to see the area.

The Bigfork Chamber website has a full list of lodging options from hotels and resorts to motels and RV parks. Wedding parties and families often enjoy a week in a condominium or vacation home rental. Some area bed and breakfasts will turn the entire inn over to the wedding party or family.

According to Margie, some brides find themselves overwhelmed.  They try to take on the details of the wedding while also trying to provide a tremendous Montana experience for every guest. One of her suggestions is to work with the chamber’s visitor center to put together welcome packets, allowing guests to pick and choose their recreational options. “Give them information and guidance, but let them enjoy Montana at their own pace,” is her sage advice.

Other options are to engage the services of a destination wedding planner who will also make travel arrangements for the wedding party, family and friends.  Or simply work with a travel consultant who knows the area and can help make reservations for everything from river rafting to museum tours.

During the summer, many Montana weddings are held outdoors. From Glacier National Park to the summit of the Big Mountain, lakeside or in a meadow, there are wonderful locations for a memorable wedding.  Dude Ranches are popular for weddings with a western theme. Or you can charter a boat for a wedding on the water. There are facilities with an outdoor venue with an indoor option in case of inclement weather.  Some locations such as Glacier do require special permits, so Margie’s “book early” advice holds true here as well.

Winter weddings in Bigfork hold a special charm.  From Christmas when the Bigfork Elves decorate the village with greenery,10,000 colored lights and fresh trees, to Valentines Day or just a crisp and clear winter day, it’s always a beautiful time for a wedding in Bigfork.

To learn more about Bigfork and all it has to offer, visit  Media queries may be directed to Carol Beck-Edgar at 406-837-2061.

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